Company Formation

Fundamental to any wealth generation and protection strategy, is the correct structure. With a combination of International Business Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Trusts and Foundations available in 18 jurisdictions worldwide, VAULTALITY clients are in a unique position to pick and choose the best structural framework for their particular requirement.

Coupled with our twenty years of experience, you have the confidence that you and your legacy are dynamically and proactively protected against liability and loss.


But it's about more than just company formation. There are ongoing administrative and management considerations. Annual failings, reporting and renewal are key considerations depending on the jurisdiction. A changing legal landscape is another. You may require a local nominee director, or prefer to appoint a manager. We offer a comprehensive Corporate Service portfolio including:

  • Company formation, registration, management
  • Shelf companies (where available/applicable)
  • Annual Renewal
  • Transfer of company administration from another agent
  • Dissolution of companies no longer needed
  • Insolvency/liquidation (contracted out, where applicable)

What Next? Where to Begin?

If you are interested in offshore company formation, or just want to know if it may be a solution that can benefit you, we're here to talk. Access our FAQ or book a free phone consultation. There is no fee or obligation, and your confidentiality is assured.

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