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The Cyprus economy continues to grow from strength to strength following the effects of the global financial crisis. All indicators point to a positive economic future for this jurisdiction.

Financial services, tourism, and business services are key building blocks of this new economy. This is also the home of one of the preferred banking solutions offered by Vaultality. The European Commission forecast of the Cyprus economy through 2021 shows healthy growth, negligible inflation, a budget surplus (as % of GDP) and falling debt levels.


Key Features

Company type Private Company limited by share.
Corporate legislation The Cyprus Bar Association is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap. 113.
Information published relating to company officers Upon registering your company in Cyprus, company officers name will appear in the business registry, however, nominee services are available.
Confidentiality Cyprus offers a high level of anonymity and privacy.
Accounting requirement Yes
Taxation Among the lowest in Europe Click here to know more
Legislation Modern offshore legislation
Standard Currency Euro
Time to form Cyprus has an efficient Registry : 7 days formation time.
Stability Stable jurisdiction with very good reputation.
Communication Efficient communication means.
Time zone Convenient world time zone: GMT+2
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement No paid up capital requirement.
Renewal Date Anniversary date of the company / Each Year
Basis of legal system Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders A minimum of 1 director/shareholder suffice for incorporation.
Bearer shares Bearer shares are not permitted.

Banking Options for Cyprus

We assist our clients in identifying the best banking solution for their particular needs from a variety of providers.



Cyprus is Recommended For

Real Estate Holdings
Traders and Investors
Advisers, Consultants and Counselors
Electronic Commerce and Digital Transactions
Business Holdings
Inheritance and Estate Planning
Expatriats and Offshore Workers