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Gibraltar enjoys an extremely favorable tax regime and is an excellent choice for asset protection and wealth planning.

There is no capital gains tax, wealth tax, sales tax, estate duty, or value added tax in Gibraltar. There is no tax on dividends, on interest paid to resident individuals, on interest paid to non-residents, and on dividends between Gibraltar companies. Gibraltar features a strong economy and is often an easier jurisdiction from which to incorporate with a view to banking options. Additionally, as a non-resident your company can take advantage of a number of offshore regimes.


Key Features

Company type Private Company Limited by shares.
Governing corporate legislation Gibraltar companies are regulated under the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance 1930. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission is the governing authority.
Information published relating to company officers The names of company officers appear on public record. Nominee officers can be used to avoid the client's name appearing.
Accounting requirement Accounts and tax filing must be submitted every year.
Taxation The tax rate is 10% as from 1st of January 2011. This rate of tax will be levied on company profits which derive in or accrue in Gibraltar.
Legislation Modern offshore legislation.
Standard currency GBP
Time to form Gibraltar has a fast and efficient registry: 1 week formation time.
Stability Very stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.
Communication Efficient communication means.
Time zone Convenient time zone: GMT+1
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement No paid up capital requirement.
Renewal Date Anniversary date of the company / Each Year
Basis of legal system Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.
Bearer shares Bearer shares are not permitted.

Banking Options for Gibraltar

We assist our clients in identifying the best banking solution for their particular needs from a variety of providers.



Gibraltar is Recommended For

Real Estate Holdings
Traders and Investors
Advisers, Consultants and Counselors
Electronic Commerce and Digital Transactions
Business Holdings
Inheritance and Estate Planning
Expatriats and Offshore Workers