Mail and Phone Service

Many of our clients incorporate in an appropriate offshore jurisdiction, and operate their business from a completely separate jurisdiction. Some clients travel and live in multiple geographic areas. With the freedom offered by modern communication technologies, some clients even work from their yachts, constantly moving from place to place.

In all of this, it can be challenging to have a central location for the receipt of traditional mail service, and a telephone answering service that can provide a professional, non-automated response to incoming calls, and act as a gatekeeper to filter out unsolicited communications.

VAULTALITY is pleased to offer this service, with multiple choices and at different price points, including the following:

  • Phone number registration: Choose from a number of international jurisdictions and register your own phone number, thereby substantially increasing your presence and credibility
  • Phone answering service: A professional call answering service, in the name of your company, during business hours set by you. We will screen all incoming calls, and – in accordance with your instructions – either take a message which will be relayed to you via email, or forward the call to you.
  • Correspondence office: Choose from locations in the UK, Switzerland or Hong Kong. Wherever you are in the world, whatever jurisdiction your company’s registered office is in, you can list your correspondence office on your business stationery.
  • Mail processing service: We will collect and scan each item received. From there you can elect to have the item sent to you by courier, mail, email (at which time we will open and scan the item), or to have it shredded. You can also hold mail for a period of time until you are in a position to receive it. Note that this service requires the use of our Correspondence Office service.

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