Payroll Processing

Staff remuneration is a challenging aspect of running your business, regardless of where you have chosen to incorporate. Payroll and taxation on remuneration is an extremely technical subject, and often has a unique set of rules.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the UK. The ever-changing legislative landscape is a reliable source of income for income tax specialists, as the rules seem to require a full time payroll department just to keep up with what is required today, which was not required yesterday, and may not be required anymore tomorrow.

A prime example of this is “The New IR35” – set to have a radical impact on the UK labor market in April 2020. The US is similarly challenging when it comes to payroll and taxation.

VAULTALITY has specialist payroll processing solutions available at an extremely attractive rate. We can ensure compliance with all requirements while easing your administrative burden, and ensuring your staff is paid correctly, on time and with the required reporting obligations met. When you outsource your payroll needs to VAULTALITY, you are ensuring peace of mind.


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