An Ever Changing Legal Landscape

With an extremely dynamic legislative process, there is good reason why legal professionals make a full time career out of advising clients on changes large and small in the tax and financial arena.

Add to this mix an increasingly aggressive HMRC, courts that are seemingly no longer impartial arbiters of truth and justice, and a public that has been convinced that there is no different between tax avoidance and tax evasion, and you have a perfect storm of legislative challenges to navigate.

Our legal does the research so you don't have to. We guide you and keep you abreast of changes that are material to your wealth generation goals, and provide you with the road map to the financial success you yearn for.

The New IR35

There is a seismic shift coming in April 2020. Chapter 8 of the Finance Act - better known as IR35 - will for most be replaced with Chapter 10, which has to date only applied to the Public Sector. This is the most significant development since the introduction of IR35 20 years ago.

We have put together a White Paper on the effects of The New IR35 on the key players including independent contractors, recruitment agencies and end users. Download your copy for free below.


Schedule 24 and the GAAR

One of the advantages of working with VAULTALITY is the fact that each client benefits from a bespoke solution designed by and licensed from our legal experts, including Queen's Counsel and leading tax barristers. We do not merely pedal a solution that has been rubber stamped.

The distinction is critical when it comes to the consideration of Schedule 24. Find out why you should ask your current financial solutions providers by downloading the free guide to Schedule 24 and the GAAR below.


Why Finance Act 2007 - As Amended - May Hurt You

There is a common myth that end clients cannot face increased penalties and interest, provided they implement a “QC approved solution”. This is no longer true.

HMRC has a powerful weapon provided by the language in Paragraph 3A and related clauses inserted into Schedule 24 of Finance Act 2007 by Finance (No 2) Act 2017. Find out what it is, and how you can protect yourself or your clients from it. Free download below.